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Professional Wedding Photographer in Kolkata

Having Anirban shoot your wedding is a very special experience. You relax being totally yourself as Anirban discovers you and your joyous family with his camera. Those blissful moments get frozen into beautiful frames forever.

Anirban Brahma, photographer and owner of Anirban Brahma Photography began his photographic journey when he was just 19 years of age. An active and optimist Anirban constantly captures moments which are treasured forever by his clients. He is majorly sought after for capturing those never-again beautiful moments experienced only in a wedding. Anirban has been shooting since the past four years. In an extremely short span of time, this self-taught photographer has accomplished a large number of unique commercial and personal successes. What makes his style special is the way he blends elements of his fashion and street photography into personal insight and artistic flair. His images have been described as fun, refreshing, energetic, gritty, bold, hauntingly beautiful, edgy, thought provoking, truly original and ‘absolutely stunning’ and other many such adjectives that we won’t repeat here! He rarely looks for the obvious and his clients have singled him out for his highly personal approach. Whether working with a couple on their wedding plans, shooting a family with a boisterous 5 year old or shooting sensual images with a model, Anirban’s approach always has larger than life feel to it.

He is also very passionate about Street Photography and thought provoking documentaries. Armed with his gear and a belief that no matter how tough life is, it is gloriously beautiful. He is thus on a journey to capture the magical visions in our everyday life..