In conversations, while gossiping or at work we always prefer some detailed information. So it is human nature to like detailed information in pictures as well. We would always prefer to see some pictures which many other will miss to take.

In candid wedding photography it is very important to have enough knowledge of the rituals so that it can be covered with details.

Both shot in Kolkata

Other than rituals if we give some attention around the place we will find some detailed candid moments.

Shot in Punjab

Some families spent a lot on designing wedding card and some turn out very creative but none really expects that we would spent our time to take a nice picture of it. Well when we do, I should say it pays of well 🙂

Shot in Delhi

The intricate Mehndi designs can also turn out to be a good subject for details.

Shot in Kolkata

Though the next picture is a getting ready shot we included it in this blog specially because our client gave us a call after she saw the picture of her very loved Payal (jewellery), which she thought it’s a great details that we managed to capture in so many happenings on the wedding day. So if you think capturing only the earring and neck piece is the only important thing then you are mistaken.

Shot in Goa

In Punjabi weddings the bride is not supposed to see her chura before the wedding day. So in the next picture is attention to details but also a story telling picture, where the chura is washed in milk but the bride close her eyes to avoid look at her chura.

Shot in Kolkata

It is of immense happiness when we see that our wedding pictures have great details in it explaining a beautiful story of our love, emotions, fun and families, something’s that many of us miss during the wedding.