“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”

That is what Keshav and Kritika felt when they looked at each other for the first time. There was not a romantic, fairy-tale love story but to say that it was completely arranged, would be doing injustice to their choti si love story. Though parents played a big role in bringing them together, it was Keshav and Kritika’s undying love for each other that pushed them to the mandap. Both residents in the USA, decided to have a grand wedding, truly Indian style amidst all their friends and relatives in the city of joy, Kolkata. As the date was fixed and Keshav and Kritika began taking the footsteps together to an eternal journey of belonging to each other, I was all set for another awesome candid wedding photo shoot of my life.

Preparing For The Big Fat Indian Wedding

Preparations were on the full flow at both the bride’s and the groom’s place. Kritika sat coyly, all smiles resting her mehndi laden hands. Her feet with intricate designs of the henna looked beautiful. She was soon all set for the many rituals of the marriage. As her relatives showered flowers and their blessings and love on her, she was all smiles and looking forward to the evening.


Here Comes The Groom

Kritika looked resplendent in her dark pink ghagra choli and sparkling jewelleries. But what stood out was her smile that my camera just loved. Keshav too was looking nothing less than a prince out of a fairy-tale story. In that sherwani and katar in his kamarbandh, he holds held Kritika’s hands in his as they took the vows solemnly in front of the fire. As the pheras took place and the wedding got completed, Keshav took Kritika in his arms and put her on cloud nine.

With the blessings of the elders and best wishes from all the other family members and friends, Keshav and Kritika started on a journey together that was full of love, love and only love.