You Might Never Know Where Love Blooms… In which Heart and Which Place

Love does not know boundaries and no boundaries can stop two people from loving each other. That is the essence of Suman and Elly’s love story. There is nothing extravagant about their wedding but yet, it was one of the best candid wedding photography assignments of my career. It was a privilege shooting for this couple who were very much in love with each other; so much indeed that not even their religious differences could stop them from coming together. Suman and Elly met together at a medical camp, fell in love with each other and after a few dates, decided to make it official. Suman, born in India but resides in Australia and Elly is of Australian origin. A chance meeting was the beginning of a beautiful relationship which was to culminate in a traditional Bengali wedding in Kolkata. The best part, Elly’s acceptance of the grand affair and the support of her family members and friends.


When Memsahib and Bengali Babu Came Together

Suman and Elly were fun to shoot at. Lost in their own world, it was not hard to get good shots. They looked lovely in a frame together. Shooting them reminded me something about the Shahrukh Khan starter, English Babu Desi Mem, with the only difference that it was just the opposite here. But, Elly was a beautiful bride to be and was easy to capture in a frame. There is that innocence in her that is so hard to miss. Caught them standing against the balcony railings with dreams in their eyes of the life that is to be. Could not resist catching them exchanging a passionate kiss. It was beautiful.

Memsaheb’s Gae Holud – The Small Rituals of a Typical Bengali Wedding

Elly was so composed and calm as her relatives smeared her with the holud (turmeric) paste. She looked like a doll sitting clad in a lal paar sada saree (white saree with a red border). She looked up and gave a pretty smile that was neatly captured in my lens. Felt happy for her as she looked forward to more Bengali rituals to be carried on from the groom’s house.

Getting Ready For The Bie (Wedding)

As Suman was getting ready, so was Elly getting transformed little by little into a beautiful Indian bride. As her fair cheeks started looking pink with the blush, her entire look came together after she wore the traditional red colored Benarasi saree. With minimal Jewelry, Elly still appeared outstanding with her simple look, something which my camera did not miss. As she waited for Suman to come, her graceful look was neatly captured in the lens of my camera. And then arrived Suman, waiting for Elly at the chadnatala (the place where the wedding takes place). Elly was carried in on a pier by her relatives just like any Bengali bride would come in. Her mehndi laden hands hold the gachkouto very neatly and clutched the paan with which she hid her face, only to look at Suman when their eyes will meet for subho drishti. And their eyes met and after the mala bodol and sindoor daan, Suman and Elly became one.


Transcending all boundaries, two people from very different culture and background came together to be one and stay as one forever.