“My lehenga is very heavy, in fact I cannot pick it up myself but when I saw it for the first time I couldn’t keep my hands off.” – Diksha (a bride from a wedding of Nepal)

“It took a lot of time for me to select the benarasi in spite of knowing what I wanted for my wedding. May be I was too clear with the idea and I got it finally.” – a bengali bride from Kolkata.

The Bridal Wear

One of the most important days in a girl’s life is her Wedding day. Therefore every bride wants to look special and most beautiful on that day. Be it her wedding lehenga, her bridal jewelry or the sandals, she makes sure they are the best and stand out in the crowd since that day all eyes will be on her.

For every bride the wedding dress is very special, it reflects her personality and wants the photographs of her dress. The embroidery on her lehenga, the laces, the embellishments make every bridal dress unique and stand out.

“My veil looks beautiful, isn’t it?” – suddenly the Marwari bride murmured while doing her make up an hour before the wedding.


One of the most important ceremonies in Indian Wedding is the Mehendi Ceremony . Applying Mehedi to the to-be-bride and groom is considered auspicious in Indian culture. The bride wears strikingly beautiful designed mehendi on her hands and feet. It is said that darker the color of the mehendi on the hands of the bride, the more deeply will be the love of the groom for her.

Here the bride is admiring her mehendi designs for new beginning and can see the picture of her parents on the wall, a reflection of her past life.

The images of mehendi, the brides ring, bridal accessories are all parts of a bridal dress up.

We had beautiful delhi bride who designed her own wedding jewellery. So yes its impossible for a photographer to ignore her piece of jewellery from photographing it.

The Bridal Shoes and Jewelry

While selecting the outfit and accessories for her The Big Day the bride focuses on every minute details, be it the jewelry or her wedding shoes and therefore they must be captured so that they could preserve and cherish it life long.

“I never thought of buying my wedding jewellery but yes I always knew I will be wearing my grandmothers neckpiece, its almost 100 yrs old.”- Anisha (from a brahma samaj weding)

This wedding ring is of a groom from Varanasi. We always concentrate on the brides but to do a little more for your client getting glimpse of the groom getting ready with his emotions and his happiness and feeling the responsibility.

Chandan Designs

The forehead of Bengali brides are designed with sandalwood paste known as ‘’Chandan”. It is one of the distinguishing marks of a Bengali bride. Chandan is considered as auspicious and therefore it’s an important tradition in a Bengali wedding. Beautiful designs are being made on the forehead of the bride to enhance their look.

While photographing a wedding it’s very important to take portraits of the bride, groom or both of them as a couple or group pictures of family and friends but it is equally important to pay attention to details, be it the bridal shoes or jewelry, or some close-up pictures of rituals’ details they all add a personalized feeling to the wedding pictures.