“A Match Made in Heaven that met in Goa”

Goa, the place where many love blooms. That was the destination set for my big fat Marwari wedding photography assignment- a wedding full of that Bollywod extravaganza that we are so used to see on screen. The couple Dipti and Ankit chose the romantic beaches of Goa to exchange their wedding vows which was a great opportunity to capture the vivid colors of Goa.

Destination Wedding Photography in Goa

Dipti and Ankit’s was not a lovey dovey affair. They met through an arrangement and then fell in love. I have done a lot of candid wedding photography for other communities and this destination wedding photography in Goa for Marwari community was another feather in my cap. Dipti and Ankit’s parents played the perfect host and yes, Marwaris also know how to have fun. With all that nachna and gaana and balaam pichkari tunes, the relatives and friends from both ends kept the feet tapping. And amidst all that marigold garlands, the bride was resplendent in all the colors she wore.


The parties had booked one of the prestigious resort chains as the venue. The grounds were all decorated and the celebrations continued for 3 days. Starting right from the mehendi where Dipti wore the henna of her husband’s name, to the carnival dance and a gazal night performed under the starry Goa night sky, to the sangeet with miag chang, it was a truly glamorous affair.

The Highlights of The Destination Wedding Photography in Goa

The highlights of the wedding photography Goa however were the mehendi and wedding. Dipti wore a nice designer lehenga choli with beautiful kundan jewelry for mehendi. Her shyness captured in my lens told of the many emotions running through her. Ankit played the perfect role of the descent groom happily posing with whoever wanted to be caught in the frame. The wedding was yet another glorious affair. With the pandit changing away hymns, Dipti’s parents completed the ‘kanya daan’. The saat pheres followed with Dipti and Ankit holding hands and going round the sacred fire. Ankit tied the mangalsutra around dipti’s neck and the sindur daan sealed their marriage as both of them promised to stay true to themselves for years to come.

Definitely one of the best wedding photography Goa that will be close to the heart.