“Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale.” 

Komolika and Niladri got the opportunity to live that fairy tale when they fell in love with each other. Niladri is a fun loving person and completely at ease. To say that Komolika is not fun, is doing injustice to her. Rather, these two make such a jovial couple that they can literally take the world on a roller coaster ride with them. Though brought up in USA, they wanted their wedding destination to be the City of Joy. The reason, family and friends who are such an essential part of a typical big fat Bengali wedding, were all here in the city of the Ganges.

So, came down Niladri and Komolika to get themselves tied in ‘saat paak’(the seven ages for which the bride and groom are destined to be together). Experience of doing a lot of candid wedding photography in Kolkata was not new but it was really a different experience shooting this bor and kone.

This Bengali wedding photography was slated to be one of the memorable ones. Why? Because even if they were husband and wife, the naughtiness of their friendship did not leave them and that is where the beauty of their relationship lies.

Bengali Wedding Photography – The Rituals That Are the Essence

In a typical Bengali wedding, the rituals start quite early in the morning both at the bride’s and the groom’s place. One of the favorite rituals is the gae holud in the morning. Komolika looked gorgeous in a typical yellow and red tant saree with the lovely holud smeared on her by the married ladies. The giggling of her friends and relatives, Komolika’s shyness and her mother’s tears all were captured neatly in the lens.

Getting Ready For a Candid Wedding Photography

Niladri had a gala time decking up and being helped by his friends. The quintessential NRI groom looked dashing in a dhuti, panjabi and not to forget the topor. Somewhere in another part of the city, Komolika was getting ready. She was a bride resplendent in a lovely red benarasi saree and lots of golden jewelry. But what stood out was the sankha, pola in her hand and the gachkouto that she carried in her mehendi laden hands.

The Wedding – Moment To Get Tied In the Bond

Crimson colored evening arrived with the sanai creating the right mood and atmosphere. The mala bodol happened amidst lots of bantering from friends and relatives. After the kanya daan, in the light of the pious fire, the sindoor daan took place. As Komolika looked up, the sindoor (vermillion) in the partition of her hair declared her new identity with the lens capturing her coy smile and tearful eyes in the same frame. This is an emotion so like but yet different in every bride.

The Curtain Drops on Yet Another Bengali Indian Photography

The candid Indian wedding photography was not over yet as Komolika and Niladri threw a great reception party for friends and family.

So, not an end but the beginning of a new chapter. Theirs is just a starting to a beautiful life together.